Legal Week Innovation Awards 2017


Our goal is to design and create software with the users in mind. We are passionate about Word and continuously strive to provide excellence for our clients. Our team has a history of providing solutions for professional services; our core focus is to provide innovative software to law firms.

Forensic Risk Alliance (“FRA”) is a global provider of Forensic Accounting, eDiscovery and Data Analytics solutions. We have experience in more than 75 countries and our team of experts have extensive experience dealing with authorities all over the world. We specialize in advising companies facing cross-border regulatory scrutiny. To navigate the complexities arising from multijurisdictional compliance exercises, we have developed a fully mobile eDiscovery solution, which can be installed on-site independently or integrated into a client’s infrastructure anywhere in the world, and be fully isolated to prevent cyber risks. We pride ourselves on providing practical reporting and experience-based advice.